Morocco Rock Anti Atlas Mountaing guides
Morocco Rock Anti Atlas Mountaing guides

to the Anti Atlas

Morocco Rock Anti Atlas Mountaing guides
Morocco Rock Anti Atlas Mountaing guides

Morocco Rock produces modern rock climbing guidebooks to the Anti-Atlas region of Morocco – a surprisingly accessible area in the heart of a mystical and ancient culture. This area of Morocco is a ‘must visit’ location for any adventurous climber seeking a winter sun trip between September and May. There is an extensive amount of trad climbing here, with multi pitch routes, as well as roadside cragging, covering all grades, and with a smattering of bolted routes around the popular market town of Tafraout.

"The most extensive select guidebook with almost 2,000 routes in the Anti-Atlas"

Back in 2012 we published the definitive Anti-Atlas guide to the north side of the Jebel el Kest and Taskra North - Morocco Rock was a Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival Finalist. Due to its popularity our first guidebook has now sold out, but thankfully it has been superceded by this latest bumper select guidebook - Morocco Rock, The Anti-Atlas – covering the whole region, north and south of the main Jebel el Kest mountain range, and it is packed full of all the latest information, boasting almost 2,000 routes.

Also available through this website is a booklet of walking routes for those enthusiastic about ‘rest day’ activities. A detailed map of the entire area covered by these climbing and walking guides (conveniently sized to be opened while sitting in a car) can also be bought, as an accompaniment to the books, for further exploration of this fascinating region.

Almost 2,000
in the Anti Atlas

Morocco Rock Anti Atlas Mountaing guides
Morocco Rock Anti Atlas Mountaing guides

Morocco Rock Guidebooks

The Morocco Rock Guidebooks are published by Crack Addicts and cover the south west Anti-Atlas of Morocco, namely the entire Jebel el Kest region, north and south, an area which has been extensively explored by the authors and graphic designers Paul Donnithorne, Emma Alsford and Don Sargeant since 2007, back in the days of the early pioneers.

The development has been so intense since then that it has now been possible to produce a bumper Select Guidebook, full of the best and most popular classic climbs in the area. This latest guidebook, produced by the Crack Addicts team, contains almost 2000 of the best routes in the region, covering all grades from V Diff to E7, on over 150 crags.

Also available is a book of walks and a map of the whole region (see all detailed below):

Morocco Rock, The Anti-Atlas

This new select guidebook contains climbs for all abilities and tastes. There are now 9 major areas within this region of the Anti-Atlas, and the guidebook has detailed maps and overviews, including QR codes to get climbers directly to all the parking locations, as well as full photo diagram / topo coverage, and inspiring action photography of the best routes in the area. This climbing guide also has a handful of walks detailed at the end of each climbing section, to give the rest day climber an alternative activity and a chance to further explore this beautiful mountainous region.

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16 Walks in the Anti-Atlas

This convenient slim and lightweight walking guide features the 10 walks in the climbing guide plus an additional 6 walks, including the Amaghouz Gorge. £8.50 plus postage and sustainable packaging.

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UK = £10.50
EU & Worldwide = £13.50


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The Anti-Atlas – Map of the Jebel el Kest region

A detailed, one sheet map of the whole region, covering both the climbing and walking guides, designed small enough to be conveniently opened while sitting in a car, or in the café discussing options. £5.50 plus postage and sustainable packaging.

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Special Discount Package

Bargain Triple Deal!

Buy the Anti-Atlas Climbing Guidebook, together with the 16 walks booklet and the Anti-Atlas Map of the Jebel el Kest region for a massive 20% discount.

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Anti-Atlas North Side New Routes 2021

This new (text only) digital guide is the most up to date source of information for developments on the north side of The Anti-Atlas Mountains. It contains approximately 1500 climbs on both existing crags, featured in Morocco Rock (First Edition), and The Anti-Atlas select guide. There are also entirely new cliffs, mountains and gorges not seen in print before.
Updated maps have been included, which also show the new and upgraded roads.

There are now about 2500 climbs on the north side of the range, compared to 1000 covered in the 2012 definitive edition of Morocco Rock.

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Morocco Rock, Jebel el Kest and Taskra North.

Morocco Rock - the definitive record for Jebel el Kest and Taskra North - only a handful left! Available for purchase along with a supplement of all the routes done since 2012 (text only).

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Mountain Festival
Film & Book

Note - Previous edition selected.

Crack Addicts guide book in Morocco Anti Atlas Mountains
Crack Addicts climbing guide books

Morocco Rock was formed by Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne, who have been trad climbing in Britain and all over the world for over 40 years. They first visited the traditional rock climbing area around the beautiful Jebel el Kest region in the Moroccan Anti Atlas in 2007, and have developed hundreds of routes here, as well as many new routes all over Britain. They produced their first book to the Moroccan Anti Atlas back in 2013, under the publishing name Crack Addicts, which put this world class climbing area on the map and has resulted in its huge popularity as a ‘winter sun’ climbing venue to climbers all over the world ever since.

Don Sargeant has been making maps for over 45 years. An acknowledged leader in the field of climbing guide maps and diagrams, he has set a high standard in clarity, accuracy of detail and ground breaking design. Since initial training in typography and graphic design, followed by a decade of climbing and travelling, Don’s work for publishers of mountaineering books includes artwork (especially maps) for over sixty rock climbing guidebooks. His first mapping of this area of Morocco was in 1990, just before western climbers ‘discovered’ the Ameln Valley. A time of limited information, very few roads and even fewer maps, Don little suspected that he would one day visit, explore and then grow to know well this fascinating region – so close to the climbing hotspots of Europe but so far off the beaten track.

Other publications

Paul, Emma and Don are active members of the Climbers Club of Britain and they have all played a major part in the production of the definitive Pembroke series of rock climbing guidebooks, as well as the “Wired” series of select guidebooks to Britain, a co-operative group involving the British Mountaineering Council and various other climbing clubs from around the UK.

Our guidebooks are produced using the latest modern publishing techniques to create visually inspiring climbing guidebooks. They use full color topos, with accompanying text descriptions, stimulating action photographs and informative, detailed maps in order to land the climber exactly where they want to be – in the heart of the climbing action!

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